In addition to conventional and myoelectric arms for different amputation levels, we have developed a special interest in partial hand and finger prostheses. We work with our patients to design unique devices that optimize what motion or strength you have while at the same time trying to improve your function. These devices range from a “tool” to assist with a specific activity to functional device that can be worn throughout the day.

Touch Bionics i-lLimb is the first prosthetic hand with five individually moving and powered fingers. The fingers each have sensors which can detect when sufficient grip has been provided and the motors will stop working. This function allows amputees to shake hands without the fear of crushing their colleague’s hand.

Click below to see the i-Limb in action.

I-Limb Digits is a new option for partial hand amputees. It works best for patients with 1-5 missing fingers at a transmetacarpal level. Pro I-Limb Digits provides individually powered, microprocessor controlled fingers which provides a new world of opportunity for partial hand amputees. Click below to see what a Pro digit hand can do.

Click below to see what a Pro digit hand can do.

Livingskin creates high definition silicone prostheses. NAPOS works together with Livingskin to provide a custom colour match and fit.

Click below to learn more about Livingskin.

Texas Assistive Devices was the first prosthetic company to introduce an interchangeable prosthetic tool system (“the N-abler”) that allowed a pitch adjustment of 60° including 360° rotation. Since that time they have developed a variety of unique wrist and terminal devices including everything from full socket sets to a hairbrush. Click on the picture to the left to see their full line of products.