After being greeted by our front end staff you will be met by your prosthetist. First, you and your prosthetist will discuss your current and future goals and needs. After an assessment of your limb, your prosthetist will decide on an appropriate socket design, interface and componentry. A cast is taken with these choices in mind. An appointment will be made at this time for a check socket fitting. A check socket is made out of a clear thermoplastic material which allows us to evaluate the pressures within the socket and is much easier to adjust. Our goal would be to ensure that both prosthetist and patient are satisfied with the function and comfort of the check socket. At that time a definitive socket is made.

During this process you are still encouraged to attend the adult amputee clinic at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and/or outpatient therapy if necessary. Public and private prosthetic facilities in Alberta have a contract to provide services under the same fee guides and therefore the costs are consistent between public and private facilities.