There are numerous prosthetic feet on the market today from a number of manufacturers. There is no prosthetic foot that is perfect for every amputee. We work with you to ensure that the chosen foot takes you where you need to go, whether that’s around the block or scaling a mountain.


Much like feet, there are over 100 prosthetic knees on the market. It is important that your prosthetic knee matches your strength and functional level.

Microprocessor Knees

Microprocessor controlled knee joints have on board sensors which are used to best predict the prosthetic patients next step. These knees can be customized to suit each individual amputee’s gait patterns. Some of the newest technologies in microprocessor knee joints include:

  • Genium (Otto Bock)
  • Power Knee (Ossur)
  • C-Leg (Otto Bock)
  • Rheo (Ossur)
  • X3 (Otto Bock)